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An exploratory meeting was held in the Merchant Service Club
on 28 November 1984.

The first Branch Committee Meeting was held on 04 December 1984 in the boardroom, Indo China Steam Navigation Co Ltd, at which the following were present:-
Chairman - G A Marchant - Director Indo China SNCo
Secretary - N J Lopez - Senior Lecturer - HKPoly
Treasurer - N J Lane - Ops Mgr Indo China SNCo
S M Chang
I Dale
R Kent
A M Moore
C Y Tong
& P Wyatt
Application under the Societies Ordinance for registration of the branch was made on 06 December 1984
The first full meeting of the Branch was to be held on 22 January 1985

The web site went on line in July 2000

“The first Hong Kong Branch committee meeting was held on 4 December 1984, nearly 34 years ago and how things have changed since then. The technical developments on board ships today were just pipedreams then. This doesn’t mean the life of a seafarer is any easier, far from it, with crews now 50% smaller than they were in 1984 life on board todays ships is very demanding when you take into account the inspections, PSC, vetting, ISM Audits and shorter turn arounds.

It is therefore even more important that we encourage and promote a high standard of qualification, competence and knowledge among those aboard modern ships today. This has to start at the grass roots level. The Hong Kong branch already provide assistance to young men and women who are embarking on a professional career at sea by assisting such bodies as the Maritime Professional Promotion Federation. However, we also have to promote continuing professional development once these people are at sea. The Nautical Institute offers a wide range of professional services to help promote their development of nautical studies as their careers move forward and therefore we as a branch we must help to achieve this.
For the maritime professionals ashore in Hong Kong, the Nautical Institute would welcome your involvement to actively encourage and support local maritime initiatives.  
Finally, let us not forget our principal aim in Hong Kong and that is to promote our nautical activities and increase our membership. We must therefore focus on our local professionals and encourage them to join the branch. We can achieve this by providing networking opportunities, technical and social meetings, evening seminars and professional development assistance. We have had great support from all sectors of the Hong Kong Maritime Industry and we hope this will continue in the future.


Nautical Institute Hong Kong Branch”
24 May 2019
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