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An exploratory meeting was held in the Merchant Service Club
on 28 November 1984.

The first Branch Committee Meeting was held on 04 December 1984 in the boardroom, Indo China Steam Navigation Co Ltd, at which the following were present:-
Chairman - G A Marchant - Director Indo China SNCo
Secretary - N J Lopez - Senior Lecturer - HKPoly
Treasurer - N J Lane - Ops Mgr Indo China SNCo
S M Chang
I Dale
R Kent
A M Moore
C Y Tong
& P Wyatt
Application under the Societies Ordinance for registration of the branch was made on 06 December 1984
The first full meeting of the Branch was to be held on 22 January 1985

The web site went on line in July 2000

The first meeting of the Committee of the Hong Kong Branch of the Nautical Institute committee was held in 1984.  In the Three and a half decades since the inception of the Hong Kong branch, the branch has grown many folds as has the Maritime Industry it represents, with the Merchant Fleet going from under 700 Million DWT in 1984 to close to 2 Billion Dwt now.  Along with the change in Fleet Size, the nature of shipping has also undergone dramatic changes.  Ships have gotten larger and crew size smaller.  There are numerous regulatory requirements that have come into place, resulting in a plethora of shore personnel visiting the vessel to ensure compliance, placing even greater pressure on the shipboard personnel as well as the Ship Managers ashore.

In this scenario, seafarers and Marine Professionals need all the assistance they can get to run their ships efficiently while complying with the relevant regulations.  The Nautical Institute is an NGO with consultative status at the IMO, thereby providing the views of the industry to the decision making bodies.  The Publications of the Nautical Institute are written by fellow professionals and provide the Industry useful operational and Best Practice Guidance.  Additionally the Nautical Institute provides information and means for knowledge enhancement, providing a bridge between the Certificates of Competence and the real world knowledge actually needed to run ships today.

The Hong Kong Branch of the Nautical Institute seeks to provide the above services in a personalized manner in the Region.  With a vibrant Maritime Community in Hong Kong and in the region, the branch looks forward to welcoming the involvement of maritime professionals to actively encourage and support local maritime initiatives.  To achieve this, the Branch would like to encourage our fellow professionals to join the branch and participate in various networking opportunities, as well as technical and social gatherings, seminars and professional development courses.  

The constant support of all sectors of the Hong Kong Maritime Industry has helped the branch to grow over the years and we look forward to the continued support and involvement to make the branch bigger, allowing it to be a better means to meeting the requirements and aspirations of the local and regional Maritime Community.

Captain Aalok SHARMA AFNI

Nautical Institute Hong Kong Branch”
20 April 2022
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