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A.G.M. 2022
The Nautical Institute Hong Kong Branch conducted its AGM  
at Café 8. The Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Hong Kong
1830 hrs on Wednesday, 01 June 2022.

The election of the office bearers and committee members was held; the incoming office bearers:
Chairman Capt Aalok Sharma, Vice Chairman Capt Kaushik Roy, Secretary Capt Rocky Siu, Treasurer Petty Leung

Chairman report 17 September 2021 to 20 April 2022
The branch slowly increased its activities in the second half of 2021, first with a very successful AGM held at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club on 17 September.
Then, as usual, the branch was represented at the annual Remembrance Day service held at Statue Square on 14 November. The branch was represented by Alan, Petty and Gautam with families. Thank you all for taking the time.
The first in-person event in 2021 was the Christmas party held at Café 8 on 15 December. The event was well attended by NI members and the maritime industry in Hong Kong. Alan Loynd gave us a very interesting presentation about the salvage of the Boeing 747 at the Kai Tak runway in 1993.
The branch was now more than ready to return to the pre-pandemic activity level. However, in early January 2022, the government enforced strict social distancing restrictions, which again set the branch back on a planned in-person event on 26 January.
The committee then decided to convert the event into a webinar. Richard Oakley of Ince kindly agreed on short notice to do a webinar on the topic “The ever-changing job of casualty investigation as seen from a mariner solicitor’s perspective”. This was the first webinar organised by the branch, and we were pleased to see quite good global attendance. The presentation by Richard was excellent, and we received good feedback from the participants.
On 16 March 2022, another webinar was held. Mr Les Bird gave a talk on the topic “Policing on Water - Perspectives of a Marine Police Officer”. The webinar was a great success with global attendance.
After the AGM and until April 2022, the branch had four video conference committee meetings, all well attended. We also had regular video conferences with the headquarters related to the upcoming 50th-anniversary celebration of the Nautical Institute on 25 November 2022.
In March 2022, I decided to leave Hong Kong, and after a discussion with the office bearers, I resigned as Chairman on 20 April 2022 during the committee meeting held on that day. Aalok Sharma stepped in as acting Chairman, Kaushik Roy as acting Vice-Chair, and Rocky Siu as secretary.
During my short tenure as Chairman, I was pleased to see that the committee has very dedicated members. I feel confident that they, under the leadership of Aalok, will deliver successful branch events in the year to come and beyond. Thank you to all for your excellent work.

Hans Langsrud
Branch Chairman 17 September 2021 to 20 April 2022.

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