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   The Use of Marine Simulation for Casualty Investigation,
Port Planning & Management"

19 July 2011 at Police Officer's Club

Dr Richard D Colwill
Specialist Marine Engineer/Scientist

Dr Richard D Colwill is a specialist marine engineer/scientist with particular expertise in the management and conduct of marine risk and planning studies associated with port, reclamation and infrastructure development.

Richard was initially trained as a maritime civil engineering and later gained offshore Oil & Gas and research experience. Since relocating to SE Asia in the mid 90’s and joining BMT in Hong Kong he has conducted a wide variety of marine risk and planning assessments for Asia’s busiest ports in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.
These studies have encompassed marine planning and access for port developments, the evaluation of the impact of new reclamations, ferry safety studies and design support to the construction and operation of large scale viaducts and large span bridges.
This work within the world’s busiest marine environments has resulted in the development of new techniques for data acquisition and the simulation of marine traffic, collision risk and port approach safety.

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