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Log Book - Hoy Yan

Hoy Yan

Dear Committee members,

I am writing to share my recent experiences with all the committee members who pay close attention to our progress. First of all, I would like to express my thanks with a grateful heart to all of you.

Academically, I am satisfied with my results in the first semester of Year 2. I enjoy studying in MSTI because it really helps me to prepare for my future career. Most of the subjects are very practical and they are related to my life- long job.  In the recent test, I put much effort into my studies as I know meteorology is my weakest subject even though it is the subject which I like the most. I will focus on my studies and try to get better results as I know academic results are very important especially for girl who wishes to find a good company to employ her in future.

As for my school life, I am glad that I have good friends in my class. In early March we had a basketball competition with Year 3. It was an unforgettable day and all of us gave our best performance. Our teammates tried their best, and even the bench players acted as our cheering team and supported the ones who were playing. Team spirit was excellent, and I was so touched and proud of them. Undoubtedly, we will remain friends even after our graduation .

Moreover, I continued my volunteer work in 2012. I joined the World Vision Famine30 this year as a volunteer, so I needed to start training in early March. I was very involved in the training as I wish to help more people in developing countries. Our task was to help the participants to make shoes using rope. The purpose of World Vision is to deliver the message that ‘Many a little makes a mickle ’. Our work can help the beneficiaries learn to be self -contained. For me, volunteer work is definitely meaningful and it always fills me with joy and happiness. I really hope that my enthusiasm can influence everybody around me.

The attached photo w
as taken during my training time when I was learning how to make a shoe.( The one who is dressed in black is me!!) Also, the attached video is about our day camp in Chai Wan which was held by the Whole Personal Development Department of our school . Our classmates are doing tasks which were set for them. For this task, we needed to lift a brick to a certain level and we finally succeeded!!

I hope all of you will enjoy the Easter holiday. Isaac and I will keep in touch with all of you!

Best wishes,
Choi Hoi Yan  

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